March 8, 2020

Bomb kills Rohingya boy in Myanmar's troubled Rakhine


Kyaw Ye Lynn
YANGON, Myanmar
Boy was 12 years old, blasts in 2 Muslim villages, says police official 
A Rohingya Muslim boy was killed and five others injured in a series of bombings in Myanmar's conflict-hit Rakhine state, according to officials on Friday.

"We received reports of blasts in two Muslim villages today," said a local police officer on condition of anonymity as he was not the authorized spokesperson.

The slain boy is 12 years old, he added.

It remains unclear who is responsible for the attacks.

Tha Sein, a regional lawmaker, said this was the latest attempt to incite violence between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists.

"Whoever did it, I think their intention is now as clear as crystal. They want to create panic situation, and communal violence at most," he told Anadolu Agency by phone on Friday.

In mid-February, a Rohingya Muslim boy was beaten to death in a village in Rakhine by four people on bike.

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