April 13, 2020

Trump Tells Americans to Wear Hijab & Niqab to Protect Them From Coronavirus

We all very well know that the most devastating attack of the coronavirus is in the United States of America. Now around 450,000+ cases have been reported from the U.S.A  and more than 15,000 deaths have been reported so far. Indeed, the USA is severely affected by the outbreak of the virus. Today we marked 100 days since the first case of what we now call COVID-19 was notified to WHO.
Over 1.5 Million people have been infected and almost 90,000 have lost their lives.
In an official press interview on the outbreak of the Virus in the US the 45th president of  the United States on Fox News offered a piece of advice to the citizens of America by saying these words ‘ A scarf everybody a lot of people have scarfs and you can use a scarf, the scarf would be very good my feeling is if people want to do it there is certainly no harm to it I would say do it’
Now from now mind the words of President Donald Trump, indirectly he promoted Muslims Hijab and Niqab which ultimately proves that Islam is the best religion scientifically and divinely.
 And here is the video for the same statement made by President Donald Trump
HE says in the same following video/interview ‘ So, you can use a scarf, or you can use anything else to cover your face it doesn’t have to be  a mask’
America is third in the line as before that the European countries which banned the face veil and niqabs earlier before the outbreak of COVID-19 are now actually promoted wearing one as there are a shortage of masks in many countries as well as if you were caught without covering your face either with a mask or a piece of cloth you will charge with fines cost up to $150 or 100 Euros.
Indirectly, all those people and countries who are allergic to Islam and Islamic Law (Sharia) are now under seige indirectly or directly implementing it in different ways some making it mandatory to wash or rinse body five times a day like Muslims do when they offer Salah (Prayer), some making it mandatory to cover the face like Muslims do in the form of Niqab and also Hijab.
We are glad that these people are now accepting indirectly that the rationality in the religion of Islam is 100% and one day whole of the world will witness the domination of Islam – Say “Insha’Allah”

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