November 14, 2020

Arakan Army asks to hold the by-election before 31st December.

Nov 13, 2020

On Thursday, Arakan Army (AA) asked to hold “by-elections” also known as the special election in the Rakhine state before the end of this year.

An estimated 1.2 million approved voters were not able to participate during the election day as voting polls were closed by the Election Commission in 9 out of 17 townships in Rakhine State. In addition, more than one million Rohingya have been disenfranchised the right to vote.

Apparently, on Tuesday, a permanent five-member Peace Talks Committee was declared to negotiate with rebel armies.

The joint statement of AA and United League of Arakan (ULA) says, “The failure to hold elections in most townships in Rakhine state has resulted in the loss of the right to vote and the loss of elected representatives who can represent the voice of the people.”

The statement also asked to schedule a vote by 31st December and asking for an extension of unilateral ceasefire. “The Burmese military should work with the [National League for Democracy] government to end the offensive in Rakhine state, declare a nationwide cease-fire, and hold by-elections as soon as possible,” it said.

Myanmar military spokesman Major General Zaw Min Tun indicated that the army was in agreement with its foe in Rakhine.

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